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Prototyping for Democracy

How does data sharing for the public good really work?

Notes from the DCWG working session in Hamburg,
2 March 2023 

The Data Commons Working Group (DCWG) is a key element of The New Hanse – assembled experts in the field of data governance, city officials from Hamburg, municipal policymakers from Barcelona and Bologna, legal, economic and technical experts all guided by the project director Francesca Bria, meeting on a regular basis, aiming to work towards innovative models of data sharing for the public interest in a European context. It was Bria who stated the goal of this meeting in Hamburg: “We are prototyping next generation policies and practices for data sharing in the public interest”, she said – against monopolistic actors and winner-takes-all marketplaces, against an extractive digital capitalism and the surveillance business model of authoritarian states. How can democracy flourish in the age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?

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Summary & Slides: DCWG working session, 2 March 2023

Media Gallery (photos & videos)

DCWG legal stream lead Max von Grafenstein
DCWG member Maria Savona
DCWG co-lead governance stream Rainer Kattel
DCWG co-lead governance stream Fernando Fernandez-Monge Cortazar
DCWG member Stefania Paolazzi